The country’s only Conservation Biology themed, award-winning, public magnet high school.

Combining Scientific

Research & Education

Since 2014

BioTECH @ Richmond Heights 9-12 is a public magnet high school in Miami-Dade County and is a part of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the fourth largest school district in the country. BioTECH opened its doors August 2014 as a result of being awarded a $10.7 million Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant from the United States Department of Education.

The school features three unique campuses:  Our Richmond Campus is located in Southwest Miami-Dade County in the heart of the historic community of Richmond Heights; Our Zoo Research Station is a 35,000 sq foot research facility located inside Zoo Miami; and the Science Village located inside Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

Our Story

Welcome to BioTECH @ Richmond Heights, where we are “Exploring, Researching, and Conserving a World of Biodiversity.”  BioTECH is Miami’s exclusive zoology and botany magnet high school.  Our school offers a one of a kind experience for students to develop as researchers in a variety of STEM fields including zoology, botany, genetics, ecology, chemistry, environmental sciences, and much, much more.

In cooperation with our partners in education, including Zoo Miami, the National Park Service’s Everglades National Park, Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, Miami-Dade College, and Florida International University, BioTECH delivers an interdisciplinary, rigorous and relevant STEM high school program focused on Conservation Biology.


Our Mission & Vision

BioTECH @ Richmond Heights 9‐12, in collaboration with its partners, aims to deliver an interdisciplinary, rigorous and relevant STEM education to develop successive generations of researchers who will apply their ingenuity and training to the conservation of life on Earth.

Through participation in a STEM research‐based curriculum, BioTECH @ Richmond Heights 9‐12 will develop global citizens with deep understanding of the value of all living organisms for the sustainability of Earth’s biosphere.

BioTECH offers unique opportunities that not many schools are equipped to provide. Due to its small cohort, students are not just viewed as numbers but are able to make meaningful connections with their teachers. My time at BioTECH cultivated the love I now hold for the field of science. Being exposed every day to lab work and procedures, living as a student at BioTECH can mean being able to build knowledge on environmental conservation and those wishing to pursue a career in any science field. 

Pedro Callender

SGA President, Class of 2022

BioTECH uses the collective learning experiences of a specialized staff, developing challenges and goals which provide a customized curriculum.  The school provides an environment that stimulates thought and practice while enabling students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers.  Due to its uniqueness, BioTECH functions more as a “family” where the faculty and staff get the opportunity to get to know students and families on an individualized level.

Ms. Donna Williams

Faculty Member

In teaching research and experimental design at BioTECH, we work to carefully craft an experience in which our research environment shadows the contemporary world of product-based expectations and rewards.  Working effectively in teams, our students learn first-hand that their successes are linked to the positive consequences of effective thinking and communication, time management, and perseverance.

Ms. Jolynne Woodmansee

Faculty Member

BioTECH taught my girls that there is more to school than your traditional books and classrooms.  It provided them with the feeling that they have some say in their own education, especially through their own research projects.  As a parent of a child in the 1st graduating class and a current student, to me the biggest benefit is that BioTECH is more than just a school, it is indeed an extended family.  There is no better feeling as a parent than knowing that the principal and teachers are all working with my girls and I to make sure they get the best education they deserve.

Blythe Woodall

Parent Class of 2018 & 2021