BioTECH High School

Exploring, Researching, & Conserving a World of Biodiversity
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providing a TRAnsformative educational experience

by proudly partnering with the following organizations

Fairchild tropical botanic garden

zoo miami

everglades national park

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

BioTECH prepared me for college by providing me with a unique learning environment in which I was able to learn hands-on to aid me in better understanding concepts. This school gave me the chance to take college level courses in high school and made it so simple for me when I started college. BioTECH truly opened my mind to so much and it is because of the school and its teachers that my first semester of college was a success.
Barbara Ozete-Fonte

Graduate, Class of 2018


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Post-Secondary Science Majors

BioTECH is an “A” Rated School by the Florida Department of Education

In collaboration with practicing scientists at our partner institutions,
students at BioTECH learn science by conducting authentic, student-driven, scientific research studies to further the body of knowledge related to the conservation of plants and animals on our Earth.  


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